white collar crime

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Bill Moyers: On the Sabotage of democracy.

Bill Moyers does his typical good job on this commentary.

SAC Capital indicted, accused of 'systematic insider trading' By Andrew Tangel July 25, 2013 L.A. Times

U.S. Atty. Preet Bharara, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, announced the grand jury's indictment of SAC Capital on Thursday. The indictment, which names SAC Capital and related entities, alleges one count of wire fraud and four counts of securities fraud. A news conference is scheduled later Thursday.

The indictment alleges "systematic insider trading" from 1999 through 2010, "resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal profits and avoided losses at the expense of members of the investing public."

Spain’s Descent Into Banana Republicanism by Don Quijones April 7, 2013

It seems that nary a day goes by without some new seismic political scandal breaking in Spain. In just the first few days of April, King Juan Carlos’ daughter, La Infanta Cristina, was charged with aiding and abetting her husband, Iñaki Urgangarin, in his myriad scams to embezzle money from the public purse.

"MERS Helps Wall Street Steal Your Home" From Great Leap Forward site(L. Randall Wray) April 10, 2013


This needs to be widely distributed.

This is a webinar put together to assist resistance to the bankster frauds in seizing properties, when they have no legal basis to do so due to the securitization process which includes MERS the Mortgage Electronic Records Service which violated contract law at the outset and then enabled the robo-signer scamming of the process.

The Looting Of America


This is probably the bluntest and most compact overview of the econo-mafioso thuggery that has been going on at an ever accelerating rate since Reagan, which makes the BHO admin the current pinnacle with its looting of US infrastructure including SS, Medicare, public education, and much more. In many ways it is the bringing back home the practices accomplished by the World Bank and the IMF in looting "developing countries."

The Love of Money from Litopia After Dark with L. Randall Wray

Use this link http://www.litopia.com/radio/the-love-of-money/
British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Chancellor George Osborne are currently enforcing “savage” spending cuts that, in Cameron’s own words, “will change our whole way of life”.


What have the British people done to deserve this punishment?
Tonight’s guest, Professor L. Randall Wray, has got some very revealing answers.
If you want to know how we got in this mess – listen to this show.
If you want to know what’s going to happen next – listen to this show.

Trouble With Vatican Bank Mirrors Woes in U.S. By Roy Oppenheim, March 15, 2013

Pope Francis I speaks from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, March 13, 2013.

Now that the smoke has cleared—figuratively and literally—in Vatican City, one of the many issues facing the new head of the Catholic Church is pressure to clean up the Vatican's finances.

On the one side are those seeking greater transparency. On the other are those seeking to preserve the status quo and continue to operate under a blanket of secrecy.

The Vatican Bank and America's banks have much in common—both have lost their way, and now efforts are underway to rein them in.

Which Aspect of the FDIC’s Litigation Failures is the Most Embarrassing and Damaging? By William K. Black NEP/UMKC,, 03/12/2013

On March 11, 2013 the Los Angeles Times published a revealing article by E. Scott Reckard entitled: “In major policy shift, scores of FDIC settlements go unannounced.”

The article’s summary statement captures the theme nicely. “Since the mortgage meltdown, the FDIC has opted to settle cases while helping banks avoid bad press, rather than trumpeting punitive actions as a deterrent to others.”

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